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MasterClass21SM was founded to foster promotion of the arts and sciences worldwide, to provide the international community with the highest level of cultural and educational offerings, and to bring to larger audiences through panel discussions, interviews and performance, the expertise of performance artists, educators and technicians in a host of disciplines, including music, dance, literature, fine arts, political and applied sciences, and more.

Through the use of satellite and web technology, MasterClass21SM will also provide the opportunity to view these masters at work, guiding and fine tuning the skills of students worldwide.  Imagine viewing a graduate student in Beijing sharing musical ideas with a venerable professor in Switzerland, or a professor of literature in Prague critiquing a student in Sydney.


In its initial phase, MasterClass21SM broadcasts will feature music and the performing arts, including opera, orchestral and piano works, voice, jazz, musical theatre, music history and music's relevance in today's world.  Future broadcasts will extend our program topics to include lectures and classes in a variety of other disciplines.  Broadcasts will emanate from locations in the United States, Europe and the Far East.  In so doing, a discussion, lecture or class that would normally be viewed by several hundred spectators will now have an audience of thousands, all benefiting from and enjoying the expertise of our masters and host lecturers in action.

Our Goals
  • To promote the arts and sciences to a broad-range of interested parties.
  • To expand knowledge and foster discussion amongst the cultural and scientific communities.
  • To make available to the worldwide student community the expertise of masters to whom they might otherwise not have access.


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